Powershell – Get-ADGroup Groupname throw errors – unable to connect Sever

Today I got an issue in which unable fetch information when I run a powershell command as Get-ADGroup “GroupName” Complete Error

Its reported as this Powershell Command is running on Server A, but it’s not running on Server B. I have done some checked like below Both Servers newly built with same OS Image […]

What is InfoScale Enterprise?

Its a Great Questions What is InfoScale Enterprise? Yes its our lovely Enterprise Level Software from VERITAS which is also known as VERITAS Cluster Server or VERITAS Volume Manger… I was planning make a new Video Training on Veritas Volume Manager and Veritas Cluster Server, this gave me a new boost as its a new […]

Get a IT Job – Windows Server 2012 Training Videos – Day to Day Task

You Need a Windows Server 2012 Training Videos which covers Day to Day Tasks in Real Life as a Sysadmin. I have built a Course which covers everything which you may look for to Learn to grab a IT JOB as a Windows Sysadmin. It took time to build all of the sections but yes […]

Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview Comparison Guide – Download PDF

Now you can download Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview Comparison Guide, which gives you good understanding about the features are there in Windows Server 2016 and compare with Other Windows Versions. Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview Comparison Guide will going help everyone who are using Microsoft Server product and what exactly Microsoft has offer for […]

Powershell – Check Integration Services Version in Hyper-V

When we are using Hyper-V and building Virtual Machines and to check Integration Services Version in Hyper-V with PowerShell it make things easy. Lets Know About Integration Services in Hyper-V Its quite equivalent to VMware Tools which we all know in VMware ESXi Virtual Servers and this is also a set of tools which is […]

Know About Windows Sever 2012 – Online Training

Windows Server 2012 it’s a new Server Operating System from Microsoft and it’s a new boy in Windows Server Series. Windows Server 2012 is built around the concept of hybrid IT Infrastructure and bringing together Private and Public Cloud infrastructure. Windows Server 2012 features multitenant infrastructure that allows system administrators to build private clouds cost […]

AIK IT Support – Online Learning Platform 2016 – Intro

Welcome to AIK IT Support and Our Online Learning Platform Intro is Out for Our Visitors, lets check that out and let us know your views and feedback.       Stay tuned with Our Web Portal which is going to launch the Online Learning Module for you all

How to Create Quorum Disk in Windows Server 2008 R2

In this post we will see How to Create Quorum Disk in Windows Server 2008 R2? Steps to create Windows Cluster Quorum Disk is quite similar but I will build a spate post for Windows Server 2012. Recently I got a project to setup an Exchange 2007 in Failover Cluster in Windows Server 2008 R2. […]

Are You Ready? A Message from Founder of AIK IT Support

How are You Friends? Yes I know you all are busy in your life and I am happy that you guys are able take few moments and taking out time to read this article. This is not easy but yes as I am been a working professional and build a platform which will help everyone. […]