Advocate Case Management Software has been launched for all of lawyers and they can benefited from the cloud application which has been launched by HIR Consulting. When a Cloud Application has been built for the lawyers / advocate this can be lifesaving software application for Advocates.

Advocate Case Management Software – Advocate Diary has been launched on 16th July 2014 and it’s a mobile app particularly for lawyer’s/Advocate’s needs. All advocates are hard pressed for time and do face challenges to manage schedule, Advocate Case Management Software – Advocate Diary for their rescue is the diary, having the details. With advancement in technology, Advocates had started using general scheduling tools like mobile calendar to manage and remind of schedules. Now HiR Consulting has launched a new mobile app Advocate-Diary, available on android phones, which automate the complete schedule management for Advocates. It combines advance features like auto notifying clients via SMS and email, capturing the history of case and current proceedings etc. Advocate Diary uses the latest technology and available over cloud, thus the same application is also available over PC and Laptop, giving Advocates the much desired ease of accessing the information anywhere.

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Advocate Diary

Advocate Diary

The complete system available over serves like a CRM for advocates and legal firm. It allows Advocates to manage their case and client data and for firms. Advocates Case Management Software – Advocate Diary provides easy collaboration between various members of the firm. Availability over cloud ensures no upfront cost or hassles, with application available over Rs. 99 per month only. Considering it automates the client communication and cost is included in the package, it is very minimum cost for any application. The mobile app is available over Google play store and can be downloaded free, but user has to register in order to create his account and storing information.

You can get this Application for 15 days Free Trail – but You can get this application Free for full one quarter to know more Giveaway of  Advocate Case Management Software – Advocate Diary



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