Is there possibility that Android banned in India? This is News which may affect so many peoples who are benefited from Smart Phone Operating System by Google.

However, DNA and PTI has brought in a shocking news, which says that Telecom Minister, Kapil Sibal (Telecom Minister) plans to Android Banned in India, accusing the mobile OS to carry adult applications which are unsuitable for minors.

Android banned in India

Mr.Kapil Sibal asked Media to come up with suggestions to deal with the issues before taking any decision as per Mr.Sibal concerns Google Play Storage Offers lots of Adult Applications without any filtration for the minors.

“I want you people to suggest how we can close it. If we want to close it, you will attack us. I want all the media to come together and tell the minister how to deal with it so that if I do something about it, you don’t attack me,” Sibal told reporters in response to a query on the government’s action to adult applications on Android platform.

When contacted, a Google spokesperson said the company builds tools and controls into products that help people manage their online experience.
“Google Play developer program policy does not allow content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material. Google has a zero-tolerance policy against child pornography,” the Google spokesperson said in a statement.

It added that if Google becomes aware of content with child pornography, it will report it to the appropriate authorities and delete the Google accounts of those involved with the distribution.

“Similarly for Android, we offer content filtering. Google Play requires developers to label their applications according to the Google Play ratings system, which consists of four levels,” the statement said. The government had recently come in for sharp criticism for ordering certain websites and web pages blocked for carrying obscene content.

There are always scopes of improvement for Google to make changes and do updating which are benefited to the society.

Android devices (Akash Tablet) was also delivered by the Government to the students as they are cost effective and easy to adopt for good productivity and if they provide a Laptop / Desktop to the students then that might also has access to the web and can be accessible to all adult contents which operator wants to access from the web. So things are quit equivalent if we talk about Android / Windows / Apple Operating System.

We must look at the productivity and the good things which are been there in the Android Platform which are the major cause of gaining popularity worldwide.

Android Banned in India is not atoll a solution to the good cause and the motive from Mr.Kapil Sibal, there are other alternatives to knuckle down things which are been highlighted by the Indian Government.

I would like you guys share your views on this to get better suggestion which can be good for whole society.


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