HI All,

This is my apology to my viewers as my website was non fictional for this week.  This was a BAD period and I was unable to sleep properly and I was having nightmare. – This happens when we choose some unusual hosting companies.


I had Premium Hosting from Boxhost.me and when my website was attacked – its CPU consumption picked up and my quota reached – I have opened Support Ticket with them but till date I don’t have any single revert on my ticket notes. I have called up Germany on their contact but someone picked the phone but the concern person was out of country – I left a message I said no real action on this…

Website is a reputation of yours and for these low standard hosting providers do attract you but they didn’t provide you the prime support which you need in case you are in trouble – just like me as I was… I will suggest you guys not to go for Boxhost.me

If you need good and reliable hosting from the top provider – I would suggest you Hostgator.com

You can also review my another Article Top 5 Points Before you Buy Hosting

In that Article you avail 25% discount buy using Coupon Code: TechyWorld215

Be careful if you pick Boxhost.me as your hosting provider …must see Scam Advisory
for BoxHost.me

Best of Luck Cheers


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