It’s been long wait for all – we have seen other Smartwatch in the Market and now Apple Smartwatch is reality and soon available in the market.

Apple Smartwatch

Apple Smartwatch

The Wall Street Journal and Reuters are both reporting that the iWatch, if that is in fact it’s name, will be released this fall, likely in October

The Journal says the watch will come in multiple sizes and have 10 sensors for tasks like health and fitness tracking. Reuters says the watch will have a 2.5-inch screen and be “slightly rectangular.” Both outlets cited unnamed sources familiar with the matter.

I would say this will be one of the best Smartwatch in the world as Apple always put their 100% to build there devices and this new devices (Apple Smartwatch) from Apple is going to hit the market just before end of this year.

So countdown is began for us all and I am been focused to get a piece to test out and do a hands on review for Apple Smartwatch (IWatch).

Is it going to be Smart Devices?

We have seen the trend of the Smartwatch so far in the market like Samsung Smartwatch or LG Smartwatch they do sync with your phone either with Bluetooth or wireless network and that means when you go outside you need to carry your phone with you. Not sure but hoping Apple will build some good apps and creates something which not forces us to carry our mobile phone with us.

Charging of Smartwatch: If we talk about the Smartwatch charging there must be a wireless charging which makes this gadget smarter as it’s an Apple Smartwatch and flexibility is the thing which peoples are looking for with this device.

Battery Life: This another most important thing to look at for Apple , no one would love to charge the phone more than two times in a Day…

Connectivity: There is a no doubt that Apple Smartwatch will able to sync with IPhone or IPad devices but it would be interesting that this devices should be compatible with other major brands and other flavor of OS on the smartphones in the market.

And last not least Devices is Affordable: This is Apple. So, there’s no reason to think it will depart from a model that’s always worked for them. Unfortunately for budget-conscious consumers, that approach is to roll out finely crafted products at premium prices even while devices with similar features can be had without the Apple logo for less. This is would be the Great Devices as everyone’s eyes will be there till it get released for the public.

Hope for the Best… cheers to Apple Smartwatch


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