In Barcelona, at the Mobile World Conference 2014, Samsung launched the Galaxy S5 with a bang. Samsung’s latest offering is aimed to hit the right chord with its consumers. Galaxy S5 has is being marketed at the same price as Galaxy S4. The difference in the latest version is that it is a slightly larger and robust device, which comes as a treat for Samsung lovers.

Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 runs on Android 4.4 (KitKat) OS. It weighs 5.11 ounces which makes it bigger than Galaxy S4 with a weight of 4.59 ounces. Galaxy S5 holds a 5.1-inch display i.e, 1920X1080 and 432 ppi. It has a rear camera is 16MP as opposed to the 13MP rear camera of Galaxy S4. Galaxy S5 uses 2.5GHz Quad-Core. It has a battery  processor of 2,800 mAH.

The Killer Feature!

PayPal announced it would be the first payment company to support Samsung Galaxy S5’s finger authentication technique for its payments. You can forget the trouble all those complicated passwords and jumbo logins. Using finger authentication you can easily shop on your mobile with any merchant or stores that accepts PayPal. The device officially launches on 11th of April 2014. As of now, this feature is available in 26 countries along with U.S, UK, Brazil, Honk Kong, Russia and Australia.

Samsung SmartWatches

The other big news is that you can not only use PayPal from your Galaxy S5 but also from your Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch. PayPal is glad to be the first payment service provider to associate with wearable technology. Using the PayPal app on their smartwatch user will be able to easily make payment transaction across stores and get notified. And all this you can do just from about anywhere.

Gear 2 smartwatch users can use eBay which is already available on their smartwatch along with PayPal to shop across merchants. Samsung enthusiasts would be able to use this feature from April onwards.

The Samsung Advantage

Samsung is the trust name on more than 150 countries. PayPal’s integration with Samsung allows users to take advantage of a secure and reliable system of online shopping within their mobile or smartwatch. Transactions made are aimed to enhance the online shopping experience and make it seamlessly fast and engaging.

With a simple swipe of a finger shoppers can conveniently purchase stuff and make secure payments. As predicted by the FIDO ( Fast Identity Online) Alliance, we are fast moving to a password-free world. With Galaxy S5 and Gear 2 smartwatch consumers can shop from anywhere, as per their need and convenience.

How is it Done?

PayPal has stated that when shoppers use the PayPal app on their Samsung mobiles their personal information will not be compromised. As transaction-security is of utmost importance to PayPal, this integration allows consumers to use just a swipe to make a payment using the PayPal cloud in their Samsung device. While, the FIDO software in the Galaxy S5 will safely exchange information between PayPal’s cloud and fingerprint sensor.

The system is designed in such a way that it will not need any personal information of the customer. The fingerprint sensor will share only the identity of the customer or an exclusive encrypted key in the PayPal cloud who is trying to make the transaction.

The Future

The constantly innovating technology gives you the freedom to break away from the norms. You no more have to wait in long queues. Pay just with a simple swipe of a finger. Experience the new age of online shopping from the convenience of your home, office, gym or just about anywhere.



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