I know it depends on person to person that which smartphone you should buy but still I would like to share Why We Should Choose Android Smartphone over an Apple IPhone Device?

I love Android Smartphone’s and they are way better than picking up a IPhone Device lets move with some points which I believe Android Smartphone has upper hand.

  1. Android Smartphones sync better with Google Services like Gmail, Google Maps and Google Calendar – You always get best features from those services before a IPhone users.
  2. Many Android Smartphones let you replace battery as the battery does get degraded overtime.
  3. Lots of Android Smartphone allows you to add external SD Card just to get piece of storage in your smartphone.
  4. Android Smartphones let you install launcher which enables the customization of your home screen and that do give you look and feel fresh look of your smartphone.
  5. Android Smartphone do get charge up with universal USB charging cable which can easily available and instead of IPhone’s USB light
  6. ning cable.
  7. You have lot more hardware options to choose from if we want to pick an Android Smartphone – you get them in all sizes starting from 3.5inch screen to 6.5incs screen.
  8. Last and never than less have you always got the Android Phone under IPhone’s price tag with high end hardware to back an Android Smartphone.

So I would believe you will choose your Android Phones…. Don’t miss out on new 4G Device from MI

Note: Its a Single SIM Mobile Device its a powerful device to have, so if you are trying to hunt down a new mobile this hot Redmi Note 4G – best of luck

Redmi Note 4G

Redmi Note 4G


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