EBay suffered from Cyber Attack

EBay suffered from Cyber Attack

At last Ebay has accepted that Ebay suffered from cyber-attack and this morning I got an email from Devin Weing, President, ebay Marketplaces.

There was an apology by Devin Weing on this cyber attack and he has requested to all of their users to reset the password of their user account and its not been clear yet that our financial information’s are also compromised or not.

A series of investigations could be launched into eBay’s recent data breach.

The theft of names, email addresses and other personal data has affected up to 145 million eBay customers – including many British residents.

Every one of the online auction site’s customers around the world will be asked to reset their login details.

It has been reported that the UK’s information commissioner is working with European data authorities with a view to taking action against eBay over the breach.

Meanwhile, eBay has pledged tighter security features on the site.

A spokesperson for the marketplace giant said: ‘Our team is committed to making eBay as safe and secure as possible.

‘We are looking at other ways to strengthen security on eBay. In the coming days and weeks we may be introducing new security features. We’ll keep you updated as we do.

‘Thanks for your support and cooperation. eBay is your marketplace, and we are committed to keeping it one of the world’s safest places to buy and sell’



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