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    Joy Banerjee

    1. Linux Distributions
    2. GPL Software
    3. Open Source Software
    4. Free distribution software
    5. Public Domain Software
    6. Items on sites that are legal to torrent from as they have the distribution rights from the copyright owner.
    7. Clients*
    8. Open Beta (OS, Software, Games)

    Not Allowed:

    1. Specific site access**
    2. Specific torrents within a client***
    3. All other items that are not covered by the Allowed List above.
    4. Any topic on games, software or other items which have leaked to the internet but are not available to the general public.****

    * Topics about Clients is allowed when it is News of a release, beta version or configuration setup. General Guidelines on how to use a client will be allowed as long as no file names or descriptions are given. Discussion of specific torrent clients is allowed. Topics pertaining to ĀµTorrent compared to Vuse, Azureus or any other client would fall under this heading. As long as no specifics on the files being used.

    ** Topics about specific site access is a touchy subject. As the site itself is not doing anything illegal. As it just indexes the files uploaded by its members.

    But since these sites can have not only legal but illegal torrents listed in it search results, it is deemed that these topics will not be allowed. The search for legal torrents can take place on more than just such sites.

    If the topics in regards to such a site is in the News and is posted, that is fine. This is a topic for informative purposes only. The topic is to stay about the News only. Any such remarks about what they are doing is illegal, morally wrong or anything other than the News that is mentioned is not allowed. Any such posts in the effect that are not about the news will be treated accordingly and action taken. Be it as a attempt to start a war about the moral ramifications of such actions or whatever. Action will be taken if it is not about the news. This is your 1 and only warning on that subject.

    *** Topics about why X Torrent downloads faster than Y Torrent will not be allowed. As they will have to have files names mentioned which could result in the rules being broken and action having to be taken.

    Any such topic is tough to regulate. As research would have to be done on a topic by topic basis. As such if you require assistance in regards to a legal torrent, provide such information showing that it is legal in the first post so that no questions about the legality of the topic can be brought up. If no such information is provided and it is found that the subject matter is not legal, action will be taken which could include a permanent ban from the site.

    **** News about a game leak, beta leak or other such topics is allowed. But as such remarks about where to obtain the file, that you already have it, or anything that can be shown as a personal reflection of your experience using said item will not be allowed. As that would show that you have broken the piracy/warez rule and as such action will be taken.

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