We will see how to configure Veritas Cluster Server? This solution is from Symantec and its also known as Storage Foundation for Windows HA (High Availability)… When we configure any business critical application and we need a solution which provides High Availability – This a product which you can choose to work with 🙂

Lets See how we can do that



When you click the Executibale file this window will appear and now click “Complete / Custom” under Install Storage Foundation HA, HA option is for Clustering Features to enable and install VCS.



You need to ensure you have exited all running applications and you are logged in Admin Account (Local/ Domain) with console session and then click next.



Accept the License Agreement and click Next


If you don’t have the License Files with you, then you can select the first option which gives you 2 months evaluation key and move forward with the installation.


Ensure you are selecting correct components for which you want to get the License

In Storage Foundation

Select VxCache, DMP, Global Cluster Option, High Availability (Database Agents, Application Agents, Hardware Replication Agents) & Enterprise Vault.


Select the Servers on which you want to install the VCS and Installer will verify the Server is Ready for Installation, if its not then the status will failed and you need to fix the error and then only you can proceed with the installation.


Before starting the installation you need enable Microsoft MPIO  from Servers Manager and its will be found in features section. Then you can click ok and proceed with the installation.



It will show you the summary and system will be rebooted during the installation automatically – just you need to click Ok.



Click ok and move forward


Now Installer will prepare the systems for the installation



Now we can see the installation is complete and its pending reboot.


After Reboot – You will Start the Configuration Wizard





Select Create New Cluster



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