Remember when you are working with a VM, if it is hung, performing poorly, or BSOD, we can take a snapshot and convert it to a memory dump. Any snapshot can be converted into a memory dump and sent to MS for analysis.


Steps to Follow:


1. When the server hangs, go into VCenter and take a snapshot.

2. Within VCenter, browse the datastore where the VM is located.

3. Locate the folder with the same name as the server 4. Inside the folder, locate the snapshot file (servername-SnapshotX.vmsn) 5. Right click on the file and choose Download and save the vmsn file to the local machine 6. If necessary, move the file to a location with enough disk space to generate the dump

– You will need free space totaling at least double the size of the snapshot file.

7. Copy the vmss2core.exe utility to the same location as the snapshot file.

8. Open a command line and navigate to the location of the files 9. Execute the following command

– vmss2core.exe –W <snapshot filename> memory.dmp 10. It will take a few minutes and will write out the memory.dmp file to the same location.


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