Today we will see how we can work with Diskpart commands and in this demonstration, i will show you how to create a Spanned Volume from Diskpart Commands.

Spanned Volume

Spanned Volume : Its a formatted volume which required more than one Dynamic Disk and max to 32 disks in Windows Servers. Once on Disk is full with data then next Disk starts filling out and in case there is a failure of any single Disk, then complete volume will be affected and data will be lost.

Lets see How we can work on now – In this Scenario there two new disks allocated to form a new spanned volume with drive letter F:

Open a command Prompt and type Diskpart and enter.

Now you need to Run a Rescan to list new devices which are masked from Storage end


Now run List Disk

Diskpart02Now select Disk 1

Diskpart03Now bring Online the Disk


Ok – Now you need to Clean the Disk


You need write the Partition Table by convert it to MBR (Master Boot Record)


Now you need to Convert the Disk from Basic to Dynamic and after this you will create the  Simple Volume


Now Format the Volume


Formating will get complete and volume is ready for use


Now Lets convert it to a Spanned Volume by extending a Simple volume


Assign Drive Letter with a command assign letter=……


Lets Select the Volume and do a list volume to verfy that you have selected a correct volume for expansion


You are done now – your Volume Spanned Volume is created from Diskpart commands




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