This Artical is about How to Perform the Day to Day Task on Dell Modular Disk Storage.

Dell Modular Disk Storage – Storage Unit from Dell and they are attached to the Server and we manage the Storage from the Server itself.

Today I will discuss about the some steps which we perform day to day task on Dell Storage version 10.8.

How to expand a Virtual Disk?

a) Login to the Server

b) Go to start àAll programs à Dell àMD Storage Manager and click “Modular Disk Storage Manager Client”

Open Dell Storage Modular 01

c) A console will open select the Array and right click on it and click “Manage Storage Array”

Manage Dell Storage Arrayd) Another Window will open as Summary page will open select Logical Tab


e) We need to add all disk which are free to assign in the storage

Dell Storage Physical Storage

Disk Details

Enclosure 0 – Slot 9, 10

Enclosure 2 –Slot 9, 10

f)  Select the Virtual Disk “Data_Volume_D” and right click on it àSelect “Increase Capacity”

Virtual Disk Extention

g) Another Window will open as below

Virtual Disk Extention02

h) Select Add Physical Disks from the above screenshot to pick the Free Devices from the above Disk Details

Available Physical Disk View

Note : Select One Disk at a time and Add it

i)  After adding all disks à Launch Disk Management Window – Run Rescan


j)  Select the Volume(Data_Volume_D) and extend with unallocated space



How to creat a new Disk Group?

Go to the Physical Tab in the same console

create Disk Group 01

click Create Disk Group and then Click Next

create Disk Group 02

Type the Disk Group Name and select Manual and click Next

create Disk Group 03

Select the RAID Level which you want to configure and add the disks one by one

create Disk Group 04

Add All the disk which you want usecreate Disk Group 05

Now you can clcik Calculate Capacity to get the new size of the Disk Group and click Finish to complete the activity.



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