I know you are busy… if you get an app which helps your post to publish on Social Networking sites automatically then… Hummm

You will definitely configure that, let’s see how we can do that this apps is for Facebook pages and very easy to setup, just you need to ensure your Site RSS is working correctly as mine 🙂

App Name is RSS Graffiti

RSS Graffiti01


Got to this web link http://www.rssgraffiti.com/

Lets see how you setup yours, go to the above web-link and then click to below section

RSS Graffiti02By Clicking to Start Sharing it will route you to Facebook page as in the below image

RSS Graffiti03Facebook will prompt you to turn on the Secure Browsing which is very important to protect your personal informations

RSS Graffiti04Now it will route you to the App and you need to click “Add New Publish Plan”

RSS Graffiti05You need to provide the appropirte to access and configure the app

RSS Graffiti06Click Okay

RSS Graffiti07Click Okay

RSS Graffiti08This is the Last Okay 🙂

RSS Graffiti09Yeah!!!  Now we can setup

RSS Graffiti010Provide the name of Publishing Plan of your choice

RSS Graffiti011Now you need to add the Source

RSS Graffiti012Ensure you RSS Link is working and then you need put that link and click Add Source

RSS Graffiti013

You can the Frequency of the Updates will rollouts to your Facebook Page

RSS Graffiti014Now you need to Add the Target which will be your Facebook Page

RSS Graffiti015

Choose the Target from the Drop Down – You need Create a Facebook Page before Hope you have setup that already 🙂

RSS Graffiti016You can select the Style you want

RSS Graffiti017

Once you have saved it – all are all done just need to click the Off Button and it will turn On

RSS Graffiti018

It will show up like this… Congrats you are done…

I have personally used it for my websites they are very user friendly



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