Everybody is attracted towards social media irrespective of their ages today. it is important that you address the safety of kids when they are using social media. Most of kids today are using top platforms like face book to interact with each other. Though it is very good sign that your children are know about the technology at the young age, you should also be aware of the negative effects of such sites. You should keep your kids safe on the social media and the current article will address the same issue.

You might never leave your child to roam alone in the big mall because you are not assure that everyone that meets will be kind to them and protect their interests. With the advent of huge technology same applies to social media as well. Social media platform is big virtual world. You cannot leave your child unsupervised here. You should keep on whom your child is talking to and when.

While you allow your children to enjoy on the social media platform, you should see to it that they are away from face book depression as well. Children will low self esteem may feel depressed about the situations in the life. Don’t let your child carry away with depression. Explain them that fact that people tend to post only happy moments of life and they are not likely to post sad situations of their life.

How To Keep Your Kids Safe On Social Media

How To Keep Your Kids Safe On Social Media

You should always monitor the usage of the child on the computer so, you should keep the computer in the public place. You have set restrictions for the usage of the social media sites after certain period of time. You should even block the usage of these sites on the mobile phones.

It is difficult to stop the usage of social media when your child is teen. They may create one more account if you block the sites on the internet. Instead, you can be friend of them and require them to give the passwords of their social media accounts so that you can monitor their account any time.

Tell your children about the usage of social media. Tell them about the rule and restrictions of using social media. Discuss with them about the drawbacks of posting personal information on the site like address, pictures with house and house number or comment that you are out of town for a while. Any social media platform is just like public place so, you should warn them accepting the requests from the unknown persons are dangerous. Apart from all the above, you should sit your child and securitize privacy settings of each site before your child initiates using the social network accounts.  If your child is under aged, you can give false information about the age, may be you turn it into old age so that your child will not be traced out by others who is searching for teens.


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