I am going to demonstrate how to record and replay your  terminal session on Linux.

TermRecord is an open-source tool written in Python, which records a terminal session into a standalone HTML file. Since the HTML-formatted output file is self-contained, anyone can replay the captured terminal session using a web browser, which is cross-platform.

Here I am going to show you How to Install TermRecord.

Simply run the below command to start recording. here I m using /opt/ as my PATH where i am going to put the my recording content


Here any subsequent commands that you are typing on the terminal will be saved to the output HTML file. The output file will also store timing information, so that the whole terminal session can be replayed in the same speed as you are typing.

If you want to stop the recording, simply type “exit” and press ENTER

Now once you open the file in the browser you’ll be able to see complete session activity as below.