Touch PC I was wondering Why Touch PC?  If I talk about touch then we always go in a directions of Tablets which are capacitive touch based smart touch device and again everyone moving forward to that direction. In the market we have Touch PC which is basically integrated Desktop inside a monitor, looks attractive a Desktop PC which can be controlled by your fingertips.


Then I stopped!!! Giving it another thought about it and trying to think why everyone is now adopted to a device which is Phablet (it’s a devices which is a basically smartphone and its smaller than a Tablet and bigger than normal smart phones its size starts about 5”).

I was trying exploring why?

Most of the day to day computer task are been done by Desktop / Laptops and now smart phone Phablet’s  are giving great deal of mobility and flexibility, anyway they are easy to carry than a Laptop. Also many places like security zones you cannot carry your laptop where you carry them easily. Now implementation of Cloud Technologies is also boosting their utilization a common man can also enjoy the power of cloud if they are carrying a smart phone. Reason we are using a touch as keyboards are bulky to carry with a smart phone / Phablet/ Tablets. But yes Touch feature cannot compete with Keyboard if want to work properly full time Desktop/ Laptop with Keyboard. Touch feature is a temporary adjust which we are using in the sake of mobility and flexibility.

Touch feature in Touch PC’s it’s only an additional feature to use and enjoy – Keyboards will always be the best options and come over the Touch System.

Put your comments and views


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