When we are using Hyper-V and building Virtual Machines and to check Integration Services Version in Hyper-V with PowerShell it make things easy.

Lets Know About Integration Services in Hyper-V

Its quite equivalent to VMware Tools which we all know in VMware ESXi Virtual Servers and this is also a set of tools which is there for Hyper-V Virtual Machines, so that they can intact more fluently and install all appropriate virtual hardware drivers which will increase stability and performance of the Virtual Machines on Top of Hyper-V.

PowerShell – Check Integration Service Version

When we install Virtual Machines in Hyper-V and we need to make the Integration Services Version as latest and check the version we have different ways for this.. Let’s move and check the ways

Firstly we may look at the VM’s we have on the Hyper-V


Get-VM Check Integration Services Version

But this command will list the VM’s but still it will not list the information which we are looking for … Integration Services Version.

Now we need to check what the Options are Available for this Command and for that You need to check the Get Member of the Command

Check Integration Services Version

It will list all get member lists and pick it and filter our result out

Two command s which you can run

Check Integration Services Version

But to list and format the result the we will user Format-Table /ft as Format-Table = ft

As of now I don’t have the Cluster Hyper-V environment but still I would like to share the command you can run as follows

In the above command it will also list Available storage and Cluster Group below command will filter out your result

Now if you want to strip down your result and filter it with specific integration service version

Hope this blog post is helpful and please share your views


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