Snapdeal Review – Never Buy a Laptop from Snapdeal

Snapdeal Review – Never Buy a Laptop from Snapdeal

Today I would like to share with you my experience with Snapdeal and which urged me to write up a Snapdeal Review for your all so that you must be aware of Snapdeal before buying products like a Laptop. As I am been a Training for such long time I always recommend my students for purchasing Desktop and Laptops and this was bad moment were I have asked Saneep to buy a Laptop from Snapdeal and which led me to do the Snapdeal Review.

Never Buy a Laptop from Snapdeal – Snapdeal Review

Sandeep is taking Training for VMware from me and to do the LAB setting for him I have suggested him this budget Laptop (Asus X550LC-XX160D) and we have seen Snapdeal is selling the product on their e-commerce website. Asus X550LC-XX160D Laptop is having good configuration to suites our needs as per the specification provided on the Snapdeal site.

Sandeep has ordered the Asus X550LC-XX160D Laptop on 10th May 2014 from Snapdeal and Snapdeal Order number is 20784462029. Asus X550LC-XX160D Laptop reached at my place in next few days. Sandeep has validated the Laptop configuration and he has spotted that Laptop Configuration has mismatch which was mentioned on Snapdeal Site.

Then when he has identified the issue as Snapdeal has committed as 2.3Ghz CPU speed and they have delivered the laptop with 1.8 Ghz CPU speed.

Then he logged a case with them on 14th May 2014 and Snapdeal Customer care said they are checking and they will revert soon on this.

Snapdeal Review – Never Buy a Laptop from Snapdeal

Snapdeal Review – Never Buy a Laptop from Snapdeal – New Update on their Site

After few days of follow up they call him back again saying they have mentioned on the site as 1.8 Ghz and clock speed with boost up to 2.4Ghz. But this is big forgery from Snapdeal that they were not aware that Sandeep has taken the screenshot of the Product Description which was mentioned as 2.3Ghz and Snapdeal was not assumed that a purchaser can do this sort of act before purchasing a product.

Snapdeal Review – Never Buy a Laptop from Snapdeal

Snapdeal Review – Never Buy a Laptop from Snapdeal- Image During Purchase

And this is date the product yet not been picked up from his apartment and he is doing daily follow up on that and at last Snadeal is ready to collect the devices and do a refund but still commitment is not been completed successfully from Snapdeal.

This is Real sorrow moment for Snadeep How much time he has wasted doing follow up and in return he didn’t get the correct laptop on which he can work on that Laptop.

Tell Me Do I Recommend Anyone else to go for Snapdeal?

I will not recommend any one purchasing from Snapdeal in future as they are pure fraud but this time they are unable to cheat us as we have the evidence with us. But I am not sure everyone is doing the same things before purchasing product from Snapdeal or any other sites – so Beware from Snapdeal and this is a real Snapdeal Review from our experience.

Download Screenshot from Snapdeal as evidence


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