You can start Blogging as Guest Blogger to our website and you just need to make sure you are joining us for spamming 🙂


Blogging is passion and if you are one of them and you are looking forward to write something about technology then you are in the right place – you just need to send you BIO along with blog post on a topic and if your post is selected then we will contact you to provide further details for creating your ID in our website.

There is nothing much to explain here in Guest Blogging for sure this will help your blog to grow better with boost of good traffic.

Guest Blogging isn’t that difficult you just need to follow same rules which follow on your own blog before writing and publish a blog post.

Always try to ask few question to yourself just be sure what you are writing a Guest Blog

Would I be Happy posting this on my own blog?

Is this the best this post can possibly be on this topic?

Am I being relevant to the audience of the blog I am posting on?


Research is the another factor you must look upon – its very important when you writing any post for your blog or guest blog. If you have chosen a topic you have understand and know every aspect of that topic.


When you guest post for someone then you must look on the format on which you have setup your guest post. Just you need to make sure you have created an easy structure for visitors who are going to read and put comments on your guest post.

  • Header(s) and sub-header(s).
  • Bullets or numbers.
  • Hyperlinks to external sources or sites.
  • Images with accreditation to the source.
  • Author bio.

If you face any issue formatting then you can contact us any time or you can join our Forum and put your all queries and they will be answered.

Remember to Visit

Make sure your job is not finished yet when you have created a Guest post and sent the email to TechyWorld. TechyWorld will review your guest post and share you the Link of the post along with user and password to login to our site. Just be active on your guest post to revert to your Guests post visitors timely basis which is very important.

Also make sure you are doing these below stuff

  • Respond to comments made by the readers of the blog you’re guesting on.
  • Promote via social networks, much the same as you’d promote your own stuff.
  • Connect with commenters online and continue to build the relationship started on your guest post.

Write a post on your own blog, expanding the discussion started in your guest post and link to it, offering more traffic to the blogger who’s giving you space.

So you all are welcome to TechyWorld Guest Blogger send us email on


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