Technology is everything…? If I see all around everywhere technology is surrounded us and in that moment we have a thought in our mind we want more… ye we do… How To Get More Out of Technology and if this what you are looking for..? Then you are in right track and you can get lots of new tips and tricks from a new Show in NDTV Prime names as HOW TO.

I was there in an event where get to know about this show (How To at NDTV Prime) which is hosted by Saumya and Kabir by Rajiv Makhni. Yes you are correct a Gadget Guru Rajiv Makhni and he do not need any introduction as we have seen him many times in NDTV Gadget Guru, Cell Guru, Walk the Tech Talk and many others tech shows were he has shown his great technical skills and knowledge and adore by all around the world.

Why get to Know About this Show Late?

I am not a TV freak but yes I have some pet show which I see them online on internet and I always prefer watching them on my Computer rather on TV. This might be a negative moment for me but as I am working odd hours I cannot follow programs on regular time slots and that’s why I prefer watching them online as I can watch them anytime.. I want either watching them on my TAB or on my Laptop.


What are the cool things about the show (How To at NDTV Prime)?

Let’s pick one of the episodes which liked…   Saumya and Kabir have shown how to convert our normal car into full proof Gadget pro Car. By adding smart android tablet and installing few interesting apps into it.

I would like to assure you guys that you will gain more knowledge if you follow episodes of How To at NDTV Prime @ 8 PM daily Monday to Friday.

Share your views and comments – I would love to revert on your queries



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