30 Year Old Phones

Phones has made drastic changes in over the years and Today I would like to have a look on 30 Year Old Phones which Made My Day……

Today I became silent as my Headphone is broken as we had fought with wife and she has broken my headphone. So now I am silent…………… not only inside the home as well on the web I cannot record my videos or record audio for my podcasts.

I was looking at web and found someone who has just published an image of 30 Years Old Phones and I liked it a allot – Thanks to Hari Kannan as he focused a great thing as this has been a great revolution in the phone industry.

This 30 Year Old Phone image do inspire me and also focused my attention that its doesn’t matter if my headphone is broken – I can use my phone to record my voice for the podcast at least and sooner I have realized that with help new revelation in phone which is now known as Smart Phone – I have completed my Training by connecting with my students from Smartphone with the help of Google App which is Hangout – That Great

This does prove that if there is a will there is a way…         Cheers to Hari Kannan


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