Open source is where the future lies. Microsoft continues to fall ever farther behind because they lack the manpower and vision that comes from thousands of the best and brightest around the world advancing open source projects like Linux. Many tech savvy companies have joined the open source parade, actually paying their employees to contribute to open source projects or even sponsoring open source development companies.The power of open source is truly amazing. If you are a maker or hardware tinkerer, you are probably familiar with the new open source hardware movement. They got their inspiration from open source software.

. As a result it has benefits—cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability—that are unsurpassed by propriety software solutions.


One of Linux’s huge strengths is how seriously security is taken. When you install software it is impossible for you to do so without knowingly entering your password. What’s even better is that when you install a Linux distribution, all the software you will ever need is inside servers that are maintained by the developers of the operating system itself. They go through each and every package and verify that it isn’t malicious and even sign them. This removes the ability for malicious software to install itself.


In general, most Linux systems run many times faster than Windows.

Free operating systems for life

It is. Not only does that make it relatively risk-free to try, but it also means you won’t need to spend $100 on a Windows license if you’re building a PC from scratch or upgrading an old computer.

Now cloud is all on Linux

Workloads in the cloud are increasingly run on Linux or developed on Linux, even on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. This is partly because many of the cutting-edge technologies, such as containers and analytics tools, have been developed on Linux, but also because many of the cloud platforms, such as AWS and OpenStack, are based on the operating system to start off with.As adoption of cloud services become more prevalent, the importance of Linux will only grow, and most firms are going to start using Linux if they are not already.


Probably the best thing about Linux is the Linux community. You will never feel alone in Linux world. Apart from numerous Linux how-to blogs, just drop by any forum for any kind of problem you are facing with your system, someone will always try to help you out. Such is the support of Linux community.

Ease of Maintenance

Updates for your Linux system and all your installed programs are automatic.

April 21, 2020


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