Always Technology will offer something new for all and this time it’s for Advocates as we going to offer Advocate Diary Giveaway for Lawyers for Free.  Advocate Diary is a Premium Software which is available in Android Smartphone devices and also access it from your system as a cloud Application which works smoothly to satisfy your needs.

Why Advocate Diary?

There is an App / Software always accessible as Electronic Diary and it will help to avoid errors which can result to loss of information or funds.  I have seen peoples doing paperwork and they are happy while doing it – but you an electronic assistant with great deal of features and flexibility and that will also very easy to use then you will go for that software or an application and here it’s Advocate Diary.

Advocate Diary Review

Advocate Diary

Advocate Diary

We are there for hunt for great apps for you all and this time its Advocate Diary for Lawyers and Advocate Diary is a Cloud Application which you can also access from anywhere if you have an Android Smartphone as they have also built in Ready for you which can be downloaded in your Android Smartphone Devices.

Advocate Diary

Advocate Diary

Let’s talk About Advocate Diary Features

Electronic Diary: It enables you to manage all your case records in electronic format.

Daily hearing list: Customized reports, enabling you to view daily hearing lists with minimum efforts.

Tech savvy and Paperless: It comes with the latest technology over cloud and mobile, enabling your practice to reap the benefits.

Manage Unlimited Cases: There is no restriction on number of cases as you can create and store unlimited number cases in Advocate Diary and it will be one source of information for you.

Client Contact Details: Manage client details along with case, making it easier to manage for search and communicate with your clients.

All case details at One place: All your case details are available at your fingertips, no more looking into different diaries for different years.

Advocate Diary

Advocate Diary

Smart ways to search cases: Enables you to mark important cases (star), store tags information, you can store any keyword with case detail, and thus making search easy, fast and accurate.

Easy Maintenance:  System is built with more emphasis on easy and accurate maintenance of data. Allowing you to update next date and proceedings with quite ease.

Manage communication with Client: System allows you to automatically send communication to client over email and SMS, thus saving your valuable time.

Advocate Diary

Advocate Diary

Access on Smart Phones: Your data is available over your smart phone (Android), making it even easier to access.

Manage Fee Payments:  It records the fee agreed and various payments received, ensuring no financial loss.

Customizable Masters:  You can customize your list of courts, case types and stages. This makes data entry easy and fast. Making software learn your terminology….

Get Complete Data back: Your Data is your’s only, so if you decide to stop using Advocate-Diary, you can request the complete data dump of your’s. After due validation, we would be providing you the complete data, without any additional cost.

Access to staff: For advocate firms, the system allows to give access to your colleagues, making it easier to collaborate, without entering data twice.

Giveaway (50 Premium Account of Advocate Diary for one Quarter)

Lest Talk About a Great Giveaway which we are going offer for you all 50 Software License absolutely free for one quarter which total cost around 14,850/- Indian Rupees of Giveaway Don’t wait for the last do to kick off because we will pick the winners randomly weekly and bi-weekly which is going to announced at the Bottom of the Post.


Giveaway – Advocate Diary


  • 50 Premium Account of Advocate Diary for one Quarter
  • Total Giveaway Cost: 14,850/-


  • Do anything you want but don’t use any bot or fake methods
  • There are no more rules

Note: If you don’t follow the above rules then you are going to be banned from the giveaway!

Winners of Advocate Diary Premium Account

This Section will get update as we pick Random Visitors – We will Email Account Information and if you have any query post it in comment section we will help you Out with a Solution.

Download the App for your Android Smartphone : Advocate Diary Android


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