Project Loon

Build a Network to the Sky. What is it? It’s new and an interesting Project announced as Project Loon by Google, this is a mission to connect people with Internet.

This is a new concept and its would be very effective as well as per vision which we see

As per the research majority of the world is not connected to the internet and this is a vision to create a cost effective solution to build a network to the sky as Project Loon. It’s a cool project in which they will launch internet connected balloons and they will shares their connection with peoples below on Earth. These Balloons are 15mtr Wide and they will rise to an attitude of 20 KM, where winds will carry them around in the world.

Project Loon

Sailing along in the stratosphere is an essential aspect of Project Loon. The stratosphere is far above general air traffic and weather, so Loon balloons don’t have to worry about that. On the other hand, the environment is not friendly, with thin atmosphere and -50°C temperatures. But because the balloons are designed for these conditions, they can survive happily.

Project Loon

This is a Great Project Loon and I would like wish them Great success


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