Cocktail Talk: Understanding Docker


Why Docker? The big benefits







So with that background, what really makes Docker a good choice? Here are the main


It’s open. Because Docker can take advantage of the huge range of open standards on both the Linux and Microsoft OS ecosystem, it can support most infrastructure configurations and it also allows for code base transparency.

It’s secure. With Docker containers, every application you’re working on is isolated from other applications. This approach runs counter to the traditional model, in which APIs are interdependent. In that model, breaching one API can easily lead to a vulnerability in the entire system. Also, if you have a web API being hosted in a Docker container, you can enforce HTTPS for additional encryption. In addition, because Docker is an open system, it’s checked regularly for security vulnerabilities by the users. For more information, you can visit the Docker security center for tools and best practices for your Docker implementation.

It cuts development time. Docker containers are extremely simple to build and launch, and it’s easy to store images. It’s also easy to extend an existing image to an existing Docker container. And, of course, because of the packaged development ecosystem approach, you can focus more of your time on writing code and less on the system that your application will be running on.

It uses common file systems and imaging. Docker employs common file systems and imaging, which means APIs share a base kernel. As a result, fewer system resources are dedicated to redundant dependencies, which greatly reduces the space that’s created by APIs with multiple dependencies and makes API containers easy to use and understand.

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