Learn PowerShell Step by Step ( Hands On Examples)

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Learn PowerShell Step by Step ( Hands On Examples) we are Teaching here to Learn PowerShell easy and effective way.

Welcome to this PowerShell tutorial, here you’ll learn to make your own PowerShell scripts, If you’re brand new to PowerShell then you are at right place to start learning PowerShell scripting.Windows PowerShell is Microsoft’s task automation framework, consisting of a command-line shell and associated scripting language built on top of .NET Framework. PowerShell provides full access to COM and WMI, enabling administrators to perform administrative tasks on both local and remote Windows systems.

PowerShell has power, depth and flexibility and you can research for yourself, with PowerShell you can create new objects for example, Windows Services File system , DirectoryEntry or the simpler, and .Net Framework based object using fully qualified name like system.DateTime.

PowerShell has ability to use .Net Framework and powershell allows you to build such objects.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will Able Use PowerShell in Your Day to Day Task as a System Admin and Save Your Time

Topics for this course

10 Lessons02h

PowerShell Introduction

PowerShell Introduction2:01
What I Need to Setup a LAB3:05
Setup Windows Server 2019 Server for LAB3:03

Setup LAB with Windows Server 2016

Day 1 – Learn PowerShell

Day 2 – Powershell

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Really Fantastic and knowledgeable video. It will help for all I.T guys for better understand automation and scripting concepts as well.

Thanks a'lot for sharing this video, we will wait for more videos with new cmdlets.

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