WordPress Backup Automation

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I will Tell You – How You Can Enable WordPress Backup Automation?

WordPress Backup Automation – Free Method 

  1. Implementation Easy Way
  2. Worry Free
  3. Migration Tool and Offline Backup
  4. Stored in Remote – Location Automation
  5. Automation – WordPress Backup Multiple Versions and Restore Points
  6. Bonus – Migration Tool Enable Unlimited Upload Limit

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Set & Forget

Schedule your backups once and WP Backup will automatically backup your websites daily. We’ve got your back!
WP Backup gives you the power to choose specific files and database! You no longer have to keep watch on the backup status or be forced to backup default files when you can choose what files you want to backup!

Off-site Backups

Choose between Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3 to store your website’s files and DB. WP Backup gives you control over the storage of your website’s backup! We respect privacy

One-Click Restore

Conveniently restore your website to a point of your choice with one click.
WP Backup gives you more flexibility when it comes to restoring your website! You can restore a specific file or an entire site or just the database. You can also restore your website even if it’s down or deleted.

Topics for this course

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WordPress Backup Automation – Free Methods

WordPress Backup Automation – Intro2:56
Important Note1:59
Install Plugin to Take Manual Backup of WordPress6:29
WordPress Backup Class 17:39
WordPress Reset3:31
WordPress Restore from Offline Backup4:05
Setup Automation and Remote Backup Google Drive for Free9:43

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