Fundraiser in association with National Women’s Day

Fundraiser in association with National Women’s Day

‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’.

its about Fundraiser in association with National Women’s Day!

Passions are as intoxicating as the art itself. Indiegogo, gave me a creative platform to take this passion to the next level. A fundraiser for my Content Writing Business Services.

The idea behind the fundraiser is to blast my idea to thousands of people across the world in a bid to gather – emotional and financial support.

‘A penny is worth a thousand bucks’

Have gathered great reviews and abundant appreciation for my first ever initiative from family, friends and colleagues. I could not thank them enough.

To make a campaign a success I invite support from like-minded writing enthusiast, creatives, new idea supporters and everyone, out there.

‘Sharing is caring’

A positive comment, a link, a share, any amount of support is welcome and acknowledged with an open heart. Word-of-mouth or digital shares will go a long way to create awareness toward the campaign.

Encourage people to be an active part of my campaign and lend support in whichever way they can. In return, there are beautiful perks they can avail off as a small token of love and appreciation.

‘Never say Never

Content Writing Business Fundraiser is designed to touch hearts and souls. Being carried out in association with International Women’s Day, it serves as an inspiration to all women who can make a difference.

Society needs to be empowered with the power of innovative ideas and a dash of creativity. I am doing my bit to make our place a loving and beautiful place to be.

‘A smile, a day keeps the doctor away’

I want to create content to put a smile on everyone’s face, to give a way for businesses to better express ideas and concepts. My fundraiser is the first step in this direction.

Emotions have the power to overcome boundaries. An honest effort, a sincere piece of writing makes a great impact on the lives of people who read it, in many ways.

‘Be inspired, Be inspiring’

I have always believed in this notion. My life mirrors the values I live by. It’s my constant thirst for knowledge and learning which fuels my passion.

We all carry a light within us, all we need is a way to recognise it and bring it out to the world. Let the world burn in your light and be a enlightened with it.

‘A hand we all Need’

In this noble gesture, I am proud to have the love and complete support of my husband, who willing volunteered. An awesomely great and adorable human being, who does not shy away from supporting his wife in anyway, possible.

His positivity rubs on me and I pin my aspirations to the power of goodness resting in the world. We need to discover it and find a way to reflect it back.

The Campaign

We have been gaining online and offline support. The funds of the fundraiser will be utilized to set-up a Writing Business. It’s a great way to test waters and reach out to the world.

The business will offer quality writing for business and non-business uses. We will write to create the best of literary works that the world is yet to experience.

‘The World is my Oyster’

I am born to create, to spread smiles with my art. It’s not a gift. They are a result of immense hard-work and passion I have put in to nurture and nourish it.

As quoted by Elizabeth Edwards –

“But I have found that in the simple act of living with hope, and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, the days I do have are made all the more meaningful and precious. And for that I am grateful”.

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