Free WiFi Router

Want to Get a Free Wifi Router? Yes why not … Just you need to buy Airtel Broadband Plan and they will give you a Free Wifi Router.

Internet connection is been need of everyone and as we guys are very much dependent on Internet for any work like Financial Transaction / Entertainment/ Multimedia stuff all things can be done online. As we are getting more hungry about Internet and its speed requirement is also increased.

Airtel are offering amazing Airtel Broadband Plans with high speed internet, you can get plans which I would suggest from 4 MBps to 24 MBps. You might ask why I am been so specific  and referring you guys to go for high speed Airtel Broadband plans from 4 MBps as Airtel also offers Fast Airtel Broadband Plans from 2 MBps. Don’t forget we also want to Get a Free Wifi Router isn’t it… Yes as per Airtel terms and condition this free Wifi Router offer is applicable only with 4/ 8/ 16 MBps Plans only.

Why we need Free Wifi Router?

Free WiFi Router

Now days Wifi Connection gives you very flexibility to work on Internet – Free Wifi Router is placed anywhere within range in your office / home. You can enjoy internet with wireless features on your Laptop and most amazingly nowadays we all use smart phone and we can enjoy amazing speed on our smart phone to enjoy streaming videos downloading 3D Heavy games with the help of Free Wifi Router.

Ok Let’s see How much we need to pay to get an Airtel Broadband Plan?

4 MBps plans starts from 1299/- and this will be with fair usage plan as you will get 4 MBps speed upto 20 GB of Data Transfer and after that your internet speed will be downgraded to 256 KBps.

8 MBps Plans 

Free WiFi Router


16 MBps Plans

Free WiFi Router

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