Google Reader Alternative

Google Reader is down now and is there are any Google Reader Alternative? Yes there are so many platforms where you can take them as a reading platform – it would be difficult to adjust yourself and get fitted into a new Reader. But you have to as Google Reader is not there for you.

Why a Reader is required?

I believe if you want to be good writers (Blogger) then you must need to be good Reader as well. I always do lots of reading about the topics which I most like and it helps me to stay update with the latest information and events are occurring nearby which I can grab. This is a best practice which you may follow if you want to be a good Blogger.

Google Reader Alternative

I have done lots of research to get a Google Reader Alternative but it took time to get settle in. I found an application which is a good Reader and it’s also a Cloud Application called Feedly.

Google Reader Alternative

You just need to go to and sign up with your Google / Facebook or any there existing ids with options they give us. Once you signed up then you just need to pick you favorite’s and add them in your My Feedly as below also need categories them as per you choice.

(Please make a note of it works in Google Chrome not work properly on IE.)

As you guys want to a good be a Blogger as much you read your writing skills will get more sharpen by Reading others and I also recommend you leave some comments and suggestion for the writer which will help him to understand you views and he/she can produce better result in his/her future post.

Google Reader Alternative


Another Great option as Google Reader Alternative which I see for you – specially for Indian Bloggers, they can submit their Blogs to , there portal is full of great, passionate and quality Bloggers and there portal has an option to add Bloggers to your network, as per your interested Categories and you can also use there Portal as Reader to read Blog post of your interested topics.


Let me give a taste of it as well from my account where I have added Good and Passionate Bloggers on my Network.

Google Reader Alternative


I would like you guys to get sign in to Feedly and also if you like use Indiblogger’s IndiVine – Share your suggestion and feedback below comment tab – Thanks to All



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