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Helping Hand Series 1 – Online Blogging Job

Online Blogging Job
Online Blogging Job

Techy World has organized Training for peoples who are capable but need a Helping Hand to get good understanding about Online Blogging Job.

I have seen peoples looking for earning opportunity from Online Blogging and I would say this is been great thing to do – You can earn money from Online Blogging and it would be a Job on which you are the owner as well.

How Much I Can Earn from Blogging?

This is a bad question for us all – Don’t ask this question…? Or put this query on your head just… I would there is no limit on the earning. You just need to move slow and steady – this is not a platform were you are looking to make money in a short span. There are so many aspects which you need to take a note off.

What I can write about on a Blog?

Don’t try to follow any one like if you see anyone is writing on Movies and you also attempt to write about movie. This will not work for you like that – just try to get things which you have interest and you have good knowledge from which you can give to your visitors and readers.

Just take a note!!

Do Not Copy Paste any article – always try to write your own thoughts and you will notice that your writing skills are getting improved day by day which will help your visitors/ readers hold on your site.

Where to Start Blogging?

There are many ways to start blogging this is not difficult – I will guide you every bit to put you a stepping stone – You can email me anytime and I will respond you with query you have / Contact Us

Ok let’s see what we can do and where to start blogging? If you are looking for a medium which is free then you can go for (Google) / ( and nowadays list is huge.  You came here and spending time – so that you should not waste your time go for exact medium which is best for you.

As a starter and earning from a 1st day of published article – signup to InfoBarrel  – if you are going to write 2 articles daily that will give you good numbers of articles for you to earn more. Each and every post is going to act as a money making wheels for you and they are going role for you in InfoBarrel site and make passive income for you.

If you write an Article and submit to InfoBarrel and their Team is going to validate your content and once your article is going to pass from the panel then your post will be publish in InfoBarrel.

A Quick Tip – How to write an Article for InfoBarrel?

I would suggest you guys to setup an Article which is going to be about 450 to 550 words – you need to make sure that your article is meaning full rather stuffing keywords otherwise your article is not going get approved.

Recommendation for 1st paragraph would be minimum 125 words or more that area will be with a add section which will help you to make money.

Make sure your complete article should be segregated in 5 paragraphs

There are lots many things to share – let it be the first stepping store and an intro about starting your money making engine with InfoBarrel.

See you back in next series of post – hope this is informative and I would like thank you been there till last and also encourage you to put your queries in the post comment section so that I can clear them up.

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