This is very important information which I want you to share with you guys, nowadays Google search is the most widely used platform in the World Wide Internet for search absolute anything.

When you decide to provide the information to public and you choose to create a Blog or a Website and then you need a Hosting Service where you can Host your Personal Web. At that point people get attracted towards companies which provide free Hosting Services. Again it’s equally important that your information searched on Google with good ranking so that visitors can rout to your portal and get the information which meant for sharing.

Here Free Hosting can produce problem to get search rank on Google, analysis as follows

1)      Most of Spammers are also use Free Hosting and they will produce huge amount of Negative Impact.

2)      Free Hosting Make Promises : Like there will 99.99 % uptime but that’s not been the case, server do get down and they also take time to come up and that also impact on the SEO as Website Outage reduce you site visits.

3)      Bandwidth: If we compare with Premium Hosting they have better Hosting Bandwidths and they are not over used SPAMERS. Due to low bandwidth there are some time-out on website response also does affect in the Google SEO

4)      Most of the free Hosting sites pushed their own ads to your webpages also may contain malicious links which can earn high number of negative points in SEO.


So my recommendation is not to use Free Hosting Services

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