Now Days due to huge expansion on storage requirement in the industry, peoples are moving towards SAN. As the SAN is known for High-Availability with NPOSF (No Point Of Single Failure) it has a mechanism which can make visible the same storage device from more than one path to the host and to manage the multipath we need a software in the Host end which can tackle the switchover.

DMP Package in Veritas Volume Manager

Version 4.3  à ASL DMP (Array Support Library Dynamic Multipathing)

Version 5.0 and Above à DMP (Dynamic Multipathing ) DSM (Device Specific Module)

Open Command Prompt

Run a command: vxlicrep | find “DMP”



And also you can run a command:  vxdmpadm dsminfo




SCSI-2 = Active / Passive

SCSI-3= Active / Active

These settings can be setup from Storage end in the FA level or Device Level and in case of clusters SCSI-3 is used in Windows.

You can go to the VEA console and check the paths of the devices







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