We will see how we can create a new volume from SFW 5.1 SP2 (Storage Foundation for Windows)

Now Lets see the Steps – Select the new disks which has no signature on them

and right click and click write signature

Now after that

During this process we will define partition table on the disks and disk will be separated in two part Private and Public Region.

Private Region is Veritas Proprietary its stores the information in it

Public Region its stores DATA in it

Select the disk and click add and then click ok

Click Yes to Continue

Disks are now ready to add in a Veritas DG

Right click on Disk Group and click New Dynamic Disk Group

Type the DG name and select the disk and add it and click Next

Click Next

This gives you the summary

Now DG is created as app01_dg

Now right click on the DG and click new Volume

Click Next

Best option to use Manual option

to Add a Disk and click Next

put the volume name and click Max Size

Click Next

Click Finish after checking the settings which are selected

New Volume is created





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