We will see in the below demostration How we can delete the Windows Server Backup Copies and these are the exact steps which you can follow… Lets Explore

Error: Snapshots were found, but they were outside of your allowed context. Try removing them with the backup application which created them.

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VSSadmin is now replaced by the Diskshadow in windows server 2008 Operating System (this is an inbuilt utility in OS) and if you want to remove the backup copies or old corrupted shadows you can use the command as follows

Open command prompt

delete windows server backup copies

Type “Diskshadow”

delete windows server backup copies

Type “List Shadows all”

delete windows server backup copies

It will list all the shadows on the server and we can see the number of shadows at this moment is 36

Type command “Delete Shadows Oldest E:”

delete windows server backup copies

So if we list again we will get the new numbers of shadows

delete windows server backup copies

Now number is 35

You can use more options like

delete windows server backup copies

And also you can delete the particular shadows

Delete shadows id 36350cd8-5ae2-4ccc-a9e3-e0db64116883 — The ID of the shadow you want to delete and if you have multiple copies to delete you can use

Delete shadows all — to delete them all if the only ones listed are the ones you want to delete

This above article shows you up about delete windows server backup copies and also have a look how you can check the DiskShadows as well. So if you have any further query on this “delete windows server backup copies” put your comments will create a detailed post according to your needs.

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