I was stuck in an issue and I was unable to add any new disk to cluster Storage section and found somehow the Cluster Disk Driver was disabled which caused this..

In Windows Server 2003 – The Cluster Disk Driver was in direct path to the Storage. But in Windows Server 2008 – The Cluster Disk Driver (Clusdisk.sys) has completely rewritten and is now in Plug and Play (PnP) Drivers section in Device Manager. Cluster Disk Driver now communicates with the Partition manager driver (Partmgr.sys) to interact with storage.

Cluster Disk Flow StackImage CopyWrite with Micorsoft White Paper – (Storage Stack in Windows 2k3 & Win2k8)

The partition manager has the primary responsibility of protecting cluster disk resources. All disks on a shared storage bus are automatically placed in an offline state when they are first mapped to a cluster node. This allows storage to be simultaneously mapped to all the nodes in a failover cluster even before the failover cluster is created, thus saving time. Once storage is added to a failover cluster, the disks show a status of “Reserved” in Disk Management.

Disk Reserved

There is also a change to the SCSI commands. In Windows Server 2003, SCSI-2 Reserve/Release commands were used, with the cluster disk driver writing to sectors on the disk itself. In Windows Server 2008, SCSI SPC-3 Persistent Reservation commands are required (this is verified by the Validate a Configuration Wizard). Cluster nodes must register before they are allowed to place a reservation on the storage, and cluster nodes periodically defend their reservations by using the Registration Defense Protocol.

Cluster Disk Drivers05 - SCSI-3

So I will let you know How you can Enable / Disable the Cluster Disk Driver?

As stated above for Windows Server 2003 the Cluster Disk Driver is found in Non- Plug N Play Devices to visible that you need to enable the Show Hidden Devices from Devices Manager.

Cluster Disk Drivers01For Windows Server 2008 you need to open the Device Manager and got to the System Divices Section

Cluster Disk Drivers02

and right click on it and click Properties

Cluster Disk Drivers03

Now now you need to go to the Driver Tab and you can Enable / Disable the Driver from the TAB

Cluster Disk Drivers04

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