Data Migration is most of the impotanat activity which we may perform in the data center, in this process we need to copy the data from one location to another location and it can be a remote location as well. We need to copy the data without any data lose, so let see the steps to follow the process with the help of Robocopy Utility as follow:-

For Data Copy we need have correct Source Location and Destination Location

For example here we have Source as: C:Program FilesAdobe Download Assistant

Data Migration

And the Destination is as:$UsersJoy Storagefolder with space

Data Migration

Now we need to setup the system for the copy

Open command prompt

Type a command as “ subst [driver letter] source location” note : you need to use “folder name” were you have space in folder name.

Data Migration

Now you can go to my computer and see that there wills new drive as N: which will point towards my source location (C:ISOFile share test)

Data Migration

Now you need to map the destination location by using net use command as below

Data Migration

Now your source is N: and destination is Z:

Start robocopy

Data Migration

Monitor the log file

Now for example see the screenshot

Data Migration

Now once the data is copied you need check and review the robocopy log file

Data Migration

Now you can see after data copy it does not touched the old files on the destination directory

Once all good and verified follow the below steps

Run command from command prompt Subst N: /d

Data Migration

Verify from my computer the N: drive is now disappeared

Now run net use z: /delete

Data Migration

Data Migration has lots of tools as per the requirments so put your comments and let me know which Data Migration tool you want me review and let you know about it…




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