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This maybe your Question and I was wondering How to Download Google Drive View-Only Videos to my Laptop. I have seen people attends paid workshops and they get an access to video in View-Only Mode and People widely use Google Drive to Share the Video Files and But they don’t last long.

There is a Huge Risk where People can Delete video and later you will unable to access then video and people like me want to be safe and want a local copy of it.

If You want to Save Your Data on a Portable Drive use this as i also use the same WD USB Drive

No Harm, in it when you have paid for it and you can keep and copy of that Google Drive Video.

OK, Lets jump into the method to download Google Drive Video, step by Step Method.

In this tutorial, I’ll be explaining to you how to download such view-only Google Drive videos. The tutorial is easy to follow and you just need a modern browser for this. No need to install any spammy extension or any malicious software. You just need a modern web browser installed on your desktop. I use Chrome and you can use that to perform this Downloading of a Google Drive Video.

With this method, you can download any protected Google drive video in minutes. You can also download the videos in various video qualities.

•             Right-click on the page and select “inspect element” ( You may need to use your Keyword as in some cases Inspect Element doesn’t open KeyBorad Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + C )

•             Select the “Network” tab

•             Reload the page and play the video

•             In the filter, type “videoplayback”

•             Right-click on this link and select “open in new tab”

•             Right-click on the video and select “save video as”

•             Done

Hope this Blog is going work for you to Download Google Drive Video,