I was stuck and I got a request to extend the Virtual Disk in Dell Modular Storage and there was no option to do it GUI, but that was possible we follow the below steps

How to perform the above task?

Steps are as follows

  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type Command “ cd “C:Program Files (x86)DellMD Storage Managerclient” and hit enter”
  • From there you need type command

Basic Syntax
smcli ArrayName -c “set virtualDisk [“virtualdiskname”] addCapacity=virtualdiskcapacityinbytes;”

smcli -n Name_Array –c “set virtualDisk [Data_Volume_D] addCapacity=1099511627776;”

Note: Convert the volume size to bytes by using this link before running above command Click Here

Make sure you are 100% sure before running this command as this can impact the production environment if anything goes wrong


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