How to Find World Wide Name (WWN) for HBA from CLI?

Yes we can get WWN for a HBA from several ways but nearly all of them failed one day J  Then I thought let’s try method which work in this sort of situations.

Methods which you can try!!!

a)      HBA Emulex  Management  (HBA Anywhere/ One Commander utility)

Reference Link:

b)      SAN Surfer Utility (QLogic HBA Only)

Reference Link:

c)       HP System Management Console (HP SYM)

d)      Dell Server Management Console

e)      SAN switch’s Name Server Output

In my Case above all option didn’t work – then I thought what next something else is there?  Which can pull me out of this?

Yes – We have a Way that is “FCINFO.EXE” from MS

Fibre Channel Information Tool (fcinfo) :- Tool for discovery of SAN resources and configuration information on your Fibre Channel SAN.

This Tool can be downloaded from Microsoft Website Download Link

You need to install the tool with matching OS versions it’s available in x86 & x64

fcinfo download

After you install the package on the server (note: reboot is not required) you can run command fcinfo from command prompt as below


If you type FCINFO /? Or FCINFO /?? You will get a long list of commands, many of which are very task specific and not necessary for information gathering.

Best of Luck – Leave your comments & suggestions

April 21, 2020

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