Get a Facebook ID for Simple Machine Forum – in the last post we have configure the Facebook Login Integration Mod to our Simple Machine Forum. While moving forward with more advance configuration in that modification is Publisher TAB in which we need to get a Facebook ID for User Name and Facebook Fan Page.

Nowadays Facebook Integration is common and you will get moment where you need to know your Facebook ID (Page/ User Name).

This is not so difficult just you need to follow this URL

This is just addition to my last post – I got a requirement where I need to get a Facebook ID for Facebook User ID and Facebook Page ID for Simple machine Forum.

See the below few steps …

Get a Facebook ID


Above Website will have Text Box where you need to fill the URL with your Facbook User ID / Facebook Fan Page

Get a Facebook ID


Click the Button

Get a Facebook ID


It got the ID  – Now you need to go to your Simple Machine Forum and login with Admin Account and Go to Publisher Option.

Get a Facebook ID


Then you need to put the ID which you get from the above website below sections Page ID and User ID

Get a Facebook ID


And Click Save you are Done …

Thanks please share your feedback and comments



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