You can be stuck in this scenario where dynamic DG is faulted and your server volume is failed or stopped state. In this case you may also see another DG which is unknown DG which holds disks which are foreign.

Its importnat you should follow the steps very carefully as there are chances of data lose.

import disk00

Now you can see the above image which shows the Group Name of the Disk but this Disk is out of the DG and shows as Foreign.

Ok now lets see how we can fix this…

import disk01

You need to right click on the Disk and click Merge Foreign Disk

import disk02Now you need to select the Disk which you want merge to the Dynamic Disk Group and click Next

import disk03Again you need to click Next and move on

import disk04You need to very sure that when you are picking up the disk and you are sure that this disk is part of that DG on which you want to merge or there can be data lose.

Click Yes and you see your DG is online and after that you need to right click on Volume and click reactive.

After these steps you should see your volume up and running status.


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