Catalog is very important in Netbackup and we will see how we can import catalog from tape in Netbackup? If session is expired from Catalog of Netbackup Master Server, so let’s see how we can do that …

What is Catalog in Netbackup?

Catalog is most important part of Netbackup in Master Server this is the heart of Netbackup Master Server. Catalogs holds complete information of the data like backup selections, data structure (indexing), retention of the data and many more. If the catalogs are lost you don’t have any backup sessions to do any restorations.

In this scenario we have lost some session from Catalog and in this case we don’t have any information in Catalog but we have the data in the Tapes. So we will import the data structure and in other word we will import the catalog from the Tape, so that we can do restore from that Backup Sessions.

Ok let’s see how we can import catalog from tape or a media…. there are two Phase of this import

1st Phase to Import catalog from tape in netbackup would be initiating import

2nd Phase  Import catalog from tape in netbackup would start the import operation and check till completion

I would also recommend you to clean the Tape Driver Before you Perform import Catalog.

Open Netbackup Console and Go to Activity Monitor

and right click on any tape drive

import catalog

Select Clean Now as in the above image and it will pick a cleaning media

import catalog

If you double click the running Job you will see the details like above

import catalog

These Jobs shows as Drive is Clean now

Now Lets start the Import Now there are two ways will show you both

Lets say we will go to Catalog tab



import catalog

make sure you have free drive as we have and then go to top section and select the master server name and then from the right hand side select

import catalog

A wizard will open click next

import catalog

Select the Master Server and click Next

import catalog

Select image type as Tape from the Drop down menu

import catalog

Click Next

import catalog

move forward

import catalog

put the media ID name and click next

import catalog

Click Finish

import catalog

Job is activated and running

Now see the 2nd options to import catalog from tape in netbackup

import catalog

Now click to Action Tab

import catalogClick “Initiate Import”

import catalog

Select the Media Server and select Image type and put the Tape ID and click ok

iport catalog

Now process is started see the above details

import catalogSee the Drive shows Tape in it and its in action once this process is complete.

Let’s move on with the 2nd phase for import catalog from tape in Netbackup, once your initiate import is complete. Then we will proceed with these below steps we need to go to the Catalog section and this time we need to change action from initiate import to import.

What is the difference between initiate import to import?

Initiate import: Initiate import is an action in which inventory will be fetched that which backup session are residing on the tapes, there is possibility we have run multiple backups on a single tape. Those sessions information’s will be fetched from the initiate import.

Import: Again Import is an action which will pull/import the complete catalog information from the tape to Master Server Catalog. This will be only the selected session from which we have import catalog.

Lets go to catalog option and in the action pan choose import

import catalog from tape

Click verify and it will list the backup session from the selected tape.

import catalog from tapeLets say we are going to pick the weekly backup session to import from tape, so select the session and right-click on it and click import.

import catalog from tapeimport option will be highlight only after the 1st Phase

import catalog from tapeSee all active import jobs and will also see all the drives have been occupied

import catalog from tapeOnce the jobs are complete – now we can see the result

import catalog from tapeyou can also see the summary as follows

import catalog from tape

And after this in the backup archive window you can get the session below is the full backup session

import catalog from tape

Once the import catalog process is completed then catalog session will be visible in the Restore window and that will have same retention period which was setup in that backup session policy.

For example: if the Old retention was for 5 Weeks then again after import it will pick up same retention of 5 weeks.

Retention Period: Catalog information will be preserved for restoration by Master Servers.

Now you can open CLI Console and run a command as vmquery -m mediaid and it will show up the deatils about that media and its seesion.


This information can be fetched if the Catalog has the information about that media.

Once the import catalog process is completed then catalog session will be visible in the Restore window and that will have same retention period which was setup in that backup session policy.and by running this command we are extending the media retention with infinity

bpexpdate -m mediaid -d infinity

This is now complete setps to import catalog from tape in netbackup, please put your comments



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