We will learn how we can setup Virtual SAN with Starwind and Starwind is a great product which you can use to make your won virtual san. Lets see & explore…

Today we will talk about the first step before creating any cluster server, that is share storage ūüôā So we will learn how we can setup a Virtual SAN with the Help of StarWind

We are installing StarWind and configuring it on Windows Server 2003

Its better to setup a diffrent Network for ISCSI SAN (StarWind)

you need to install iscsi initiator on Windows Server 2003

Download StarWind from – http://www.starwindsoftware.com/starwind-iscsi-san-overview

Check out the Video

Ok Now lets see the steps in described manner while dicussing it

We need install the ISCSI initiator before installing Starwind let me walk through the steps

Select the package and right click and click open

Then its will start the extracting the package

Click Next

Now you need check above options and click Next

Accept the License Agreement and click Next

it will start the backing up of Regitry of the Operating System

After that Process it will start installing

Once the Installation is Done –¬†You need to Reboot the Server Click Finish

Server is shuting Down

After Reboot Server is booting up

Windows is starting up after Reboot

Ok put the Domain ID and Password to Login to Box

 Select the StartWind.exe and right click and click open

Click Next

Accept the Agreement and Click Next

It will give the information about the Product as we are installing version 5.8

Select the desired install path and click next

Select the above components and click next

Select additional Task and click Next

Click Install

Installing is in progress

After the Installing you need insert the License Key and in the next step you need insert that.. so select the option and click Next

Start the Starwind and you will see the loading screen

Now you need to click the Apply Key option to pick the License Key to the product to Registor and use

Select the Load button to Locate the License key

Now Select the Key and click open

As the License is loaded click Ok

Select the StarWind Server option and right click on it and click Add StarWind Server

Give the proper IP and use as its a local server and click OK

Now right click on the Server and click connect

put the default passwrod which is

User : root

Password : starwind

and click OK

Launching Window after the athuntication

Ok Now you can see there are two options one is Target and Devices

Right Click on the Device and click Add Device

Select the Hard Drive and click Next

Select Image File Devuce and Click Next

Noe Select Create New Virtual Disk and Click Next

Now Select the Option to locate the Virtual Disk

You need to select the extention as .img for imgae file disk which will be act as virtual SAN

Check the Asynchronus Mode and click Next

Cache Mode let it be Normal which no cashing

Now you need to select the option to create new Target and you need to put the Target Alias and click option Allow multiple concurent ISCSI connections for Clustering

Click finish

 it will show the list of devices which we have created

Above example adding a new device in a exsisting Target

Ok Now i am logged in to a Cluster Node where i need add and mask the shared disk, you need right click on Microsoft ISCSI initiator and click open

this above screen will open now select below option

Click Add

now you need to put the Server FQDN or IP address

Click ok

Select the Device and Click Log On

Click Automatically Restore connection and click ok

Ok Now open Disk Managment – Bingo we can see two devices which i have added ūüôā

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