Today we will see how we can split two DG in Veritas, but we also need to know what are the requirements to do this successfully.

Firstly we  need to have a Flash Snap License of VEA is installed on the Server.

And we need a DG which more than one disk and also has more one volume and its important we have not shared our disks within other volumes.

Splitting the DG will help us to segregation of the volumes and we can do better management of them.

Now lets see how we can do that 🙂


Lets say we have a DG name “app01_dg” and we have two volumes in it as E and F

it has two disks in the DG

and in the Disk view we can see that there two volumes and they are formed in two separate disks and they are not shared between the disks.

Now we can right click on the DG and click Split Dynamic Disk Group and wizard will open and click next

now select the disk which we want to split and click next

it will pick up the volume information

After the process DG is now in split state


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