System State is one of the important component in the Windows OS which need to backed up properly, so today we will see how we can do that – i will be going through the steps and i have done this on Windows Server 2008 R2.

Lets See the Steps

You need to open the Server Manager and then navigate to Storage Tab in that you will find “Windows Server Backup”

Note: If it is missing then you need to install it from Server Manager in the Features section

After that you need to move your mouse pointer towards – Top right hand corner and click Backup Once

Backup Window will Launch

Select the Different option which is enabled

Select the Custom option and click next

You need click Add Items to select the files or folder which you need to backup

in our case we will select System State

Click Next

Select the destination where you want to take the backup – always good to choose remote share folder. In our case we will select Local Drivers and we will select mount point from our external storage (SAN)

Click Next

Click Next

Click Backup

Backup is triggered and its initializing

Now its will estimating the file count

Process is still running 🙂

after that data transfer started

after some time system state backup get completes



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