Imran Khan - Will Listen to Everything My Daughter Says

Imran Khan – Will Listen to Everything My Daughter Says

Actor Imran Khan is blessed with daughter Imara Malik Khan and life perhaps would have been different if actor Imran Khan had a son. But with a newborn daughter, Imara Malik Khan, he’s all for being a doting, possessive and indulgent father.


When asked if he’s a hands-on daddy to Imara, the actor said, “I had hoped for a daughter, but now I have realized that if I had a son I would have some appearance of pride and would have controlled myself a little bit.

“But with my daughter now, I will have to listen to everything. I think I am gone now and I could be like this be only after a daughter.”

Imran and his wife Avantika welcomed their baby on June 9.

The actor has reportedly taken some time off from his professional commitments to look after Avantika and their newborn daughter. This is been no difference from any normal man people must enjoy this moment with their family and Actor Imran Khan did the same taking off from his shooting just take care and enjoy the moment.


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