We will see How to Install Vcenter 5.5?(Advance Mode)

These are the things which we will do in the above video

  •  AD (Active Directory) with DNS
  • We will setup PTR in DNS for VC01.aiklab.loacal (optional)
  • Install VCenter 5.5 with Simple Install 
  • Install Vcenter Client
  • Create Datacenter in Vcenter 5.5
  • Add Host to the Vcenter 5.5

We will Do install with a option Simple Install

a) Vcenter Single Sign-On (administrator@vsphere.local)
b) Vsphere Web Client
c) VCenter Inventory Services
d) VCenter Server

What is vCenter Single Sign-On 5.5 (SSO)?

vCenter Single Sign-On (SSO) is a component of the VMware Cloud Infrastructure Suite. SSO deals with identity management for administrators and applications that interact with the vSphere platform.


All In One Link ( Downloading Softwares and Documentations)



Mastering VMware vSphere 5.5

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