Join Online Training on Windows Cluster on Windows Server 2003 - Free

Join Online Training on Windows Cluster on Windows Server 2003 – Free (image credits to Microsoft)

If you are in IT Industry and been there in Windows Track and you are working as a Windows System Administrator – then you must be Join Online Training on Windows Cluster on Windows Server 2003 – Free

What is Windows Cluster?

Ok this is not a bad question I believe…Here we are talking about a solution from Microsoft Windows Server Operating System which is built to use for specific motive… is to get High Availability of a critical Application. When we are talking about any Critical Application which is hosted on Windows Server and we don’t want that Server and its critical Services to be down. As the Downtime of that application can result huge financial loss to the company as it’s a production Application Server. Then we should opt for a Solution which gives our critical application run with minimal downtime and if there is any physical impact to a Server, still in that case our services should run on another server which creates a High-Availability Solution which is in the form of Windows Cluster.

Why Training in Windows Server 2003 Cluster?

I thought about this and I have also discussed with my students and they need a session on Windows Cluster in Windows Server 2003 to understand the basic things about Windows Cluster. And Believe me this is going to be great fun and we will learn about Windows Cluster with ease.

I have setup a Training which is completely Free and Everyone see and Learn about Windows Cluster as I have setup the Training on 13th April 2014 starting from 4 PM IST.

Make a note If you miss the Live Training Session Don’t worry this event is setup through Google Hangout On Air(Google HOA) – which means once the session is completed this whole event will be published in the YouTube and You can see it later as well.

I know this is a Valid Question as nowadays Windows Server 2012 is new and it’s growing in the market then Why Windows Server 2003. What I believe is there still lots of Servers running Windows Server 2003 in the industry and there are lots of manual things which need to be done during the Windows Cluster Configurations as those will be Great Learning Points for you All.

At last I would say this is just a beginning we will move on to newer versions as well – So I will see you there… hope you guys will also put You Queries which help things better…


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